End of Effort


June 29, 2019

Aloha Friends! There is nothing more exciting than helping someone truly meet Christ, and discover the joy of expressing and experiencing their relationship with Him, Holy Spirit, and Papa God; through their gifts, callings, and story. The Trinity is so personal and wise in Their ways.  They want us to truly enjoy the journey with Them and show us their outlook! 

Often this journey called life can be skewed through our own perception of what we think it should look like, or what we've been taught. As we grow in God, our perceptions change; thank the Lord! We move to new heights, to see as He does. It often comes through seasons of deconstruction, expansion, and growing paradigmal pains. But that's where spiritual muscles are born, revelation is had, and maturity is gained, right?! :) We're all truly learning how to receive, follow, and flow with our Personal Tour Guide, a.k.a Holy Spirit. What a dear friend and close companion!

We have the heart to support and encourage people going through difficult times in their life. Giving them a fresh new perspective to overcome things like; insecurity, rejection, betrayal, disqualification, fear, financial difficulty, relationships, marriage, health problems, "wilderness" seasons, trials, disillusionment, frustration, religion, hope deferred, disconnect with God and others, dreams lost, etc.  Like you, we have gone through the mental, physical, and emotional pain of life; living out of survival mode! Life's circumstances can certainly throw us all for a loop. The good news is, we are all designed to thrive! God has placed a tremendous bouncy within us! It will surface with such amazing grace and freedom, bringing us into the clear, as we align to His thoughts and ways towards us. Allowing ourselves to unhook from all the unnecessary heavyweights, keeping us stuck. Grab hold of His Ultimate Life Saver called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and come aboard the END OF EFFORT!  


We help people to end their strife filled struggle through inspired messages, practicality, and events.


Loving the now, 

John & Amy 


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